Our Mission: Potentia strives to make English learning service accessible for every refugee and immigrant.

Potentia's platform allows the tutors and learners to set up the most comfortable time for 1:1 in-person English sessions. The pair are matched based on preferences such as level, style, and prior experiences. Learners can come as many classes throughout the week if they register a monthly membership. We are also developing a synchronized mobile app for our learners to review and practice the materials at home and keep track of the progress.

Let’s, together, start the journey to see the unseen, where everyone’s potential can come true.


We believe that talent is in everyone.

Diversity is the listener, the encourager, and the enhancer of our talents.

Meet The Team

Jun Hyung Yoon

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Tufts University

M.S. Innovation & Management '19

B.A. International Relations '18

Amanda Wang

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Tufts University, M.S. Innovation & Management '19

The University of Hong Kong, B. Econ & Fin '18

Our Partners

Tufts Gordon Institute
Tufts Tisch College
Commonwealth of Mass.
Office for Refugees and Immgrants
Refugee Immigration Ministry

Our Advisors

Mary Truong

Executive Director


Office for Refugees and Immigrants

Ruth Bersin

Executive Director


Refugee Immigration Ministry

Benjamin Echevarria

Executive Director


The Welcome Project Somerville

Sherry Spaulding

Education Manager


The International Institute of New England - Lowell

Potentia US

Talent x Diversity = Productivity

Talk x Diversity = Social Capital

Email: team@potentiaus.org

Phone: 781-957-8188 / 781-350-6817

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